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Mortgage rates are tied to the "yield" of the 10 year Treasury Bond. It is important to know where the "yield" stands and which way it may be headed.

 Joe Wehage's  ph# 800-694-4055 joe.w@foundationmtg.com

Why Foundation Mortgage?

1) I have over 30 years of experience closing loans.

2) You'll have ONE POINT OF CONTACT from start to finish, ME.

3) In all my years of lending neither my company or I have ever been reprimanded or admonished by any State authority we are licensed in. My last State of Oregon procedures audit gave FMCI the highest possible grade.

4) As a BROKER, I am able to do more types of loans than any one particular bank.

5) I can offer alternative income loans. Call me to discuss. State law requirews I mention these loans could be more expensive in rate,  fees or both.  

I want to earn your next deal today by doing an excellent job for your now.  Start the loan process by using the button above "APPLY NOW". You'll be happy you did.

NMLS Consumer Access page for FMCI;  http://www.nmlsconsumeraccess.org/EntityDetails.aspx/COMPANY/3229px/COMPANY/3229

NMLS Consumer Access page for Joe Wehage;



Try FMCI's rate Rate Search below. It's the easiest in the industry. No one will call you unless you ask us to. No personal information is required. Use it as often as you'd like. The service is designed to give you a current rate based on your parameters. Of course the system cannot price all situations with 100% accuracy so if it's close, I hope you'll call and allow us to give you a detailed Itemized Fee Worksheet.  Our Rate Scenario reflects the way I work, straight forward, to the point and with little fan fare.  My 29 years of experience will help guide you through the often difficult and confusing process of choosing and closing on a new mortgage.

Thank you for visiting my website. I look forward to putting my mortgage experience to work for you!

Find the rate and fees for your specific need today. 

Foundation Mortgage Pricing


"FEES" shown are inclusive of lender and Foundation Mortgage costs.


Other costs such as title, escrow, appraisal and prorated items (taxes insurance and interest) although not reflected here should be the same regarless of the lender. Pricing is based on a 30 day lock inclusive of impounds for taxes and insurance.


If you do not see SEARCH at the bottom of your completed scenario,  your web brouser maybe too old. Call me and I will quickly run the scenario


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The Normal Loan Process

Day One
2) Your credit is pulled.
3) I submit your application to the lender and they send you the Loan Estimate (LE) that you verify via their email message. I can lock in your rate at this point or any working day the lender's lock desk is open.
4) I email your application and disclosures for e-signing and a list of items we'll need from you.
5) Once the lender gives me the "go ahead", I order your appraisal (using your credit card information), order the  title report, and set up escrow.
6) The lender approves your loan and calls for conditions that must be met prior to funding your loan.
7) Lender gives us final approval and send you the "CE" (Closing Estimate) which you must acknowledge prior to loan documents being sent to ESCROW. I order loan documents and schedule with the escrow company a time for you to sign.
8) Loan documents  signed and returned to the lender.
9) The lender funds your loan.
Normally loans fund within a 30 day process however I lock your rate for 45 days to allow for some delays. 


907 1st Ave, Vinton, IA  52349
Toll Free:  (800) 694-4055
Direct:  (503) 802-7021
Fax:  (971) 270-2738